H-Town aka "The party comes to us"

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As soon as I got off the plane, the sneeze came for 5 minutes,
From them on, it was a cough with piercing pain to the chest,
Henceforth, my health became a downward spiral…
I wasn’t sure what I had, all I know is I became well acquainted with my bed within 2 days.
Muscle pain, abdominal aches, headaches, dizziness etcetera etcetera.
I had all the symptoms of a seasonal flu (and swine flu actually), but still unsure
My fear… “I hope I don’t have the swine flu!”

Woke up this morning (10/28/09) at 6 am vomiting nothing.
Then diarrhea followed, yuck ☹ (Might be as a result of Nyquil & Mucinex I don’t know)
As soon as this happened, my nerves kicked in, and my guessing game was over.
Checked myself into the urgent care center for medical advice.

It turns out I don’t have the flu, but I have some kind of viral infection
I most have eaten something from that Nigeria restaurant in Houston (finger Licking)
So yippee! I am flu free, but still need to get better.
Those of you that haven’t gotten the vaccine, please do!
You don’t want to feel shitty like I did or still do.
There are only 3 things I can do: eat (thank God), type, and sleep! But I can’t read! ☹

Needless to say, I had a BLAST in Houston. The Dallas crew made it happen even though they aren’t from H-Town, but the party came to them!? Did it? Maybe it did! Lol!
Even though “Saez & Zuk” nightclub sucked big time, Clara’s party and cloud nine was good. Most importantly, the company was all I needed…exquisite.
Time was well spent, I must say ☺



Maxine said...

seems like all viruses had a meeting to get us...grrr... glad u good!

Grace said...

The price u had to pay for all that partying...lol