Bias Professor...

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Hmmmmmmm So its been a while since I blogged, all because of this thing they call school! Unfortunately it is a necessary evil! A lot has gone on, from cries to laughter, to trips around the world, to parties, and to more laughter! God has been faithful.

School has been hectic specifically because of my RACIST Canadian professor. Let me indulge you in this "torment": when he is critiquing a FOREIGNERS presentation style or just the work itself, he goes like "in U.S and Europe people speak differently, so learn to put a pitch in your tone when you talk. example- "Tomorrow is OUR end of year PARTY!" (Notice the words I have in caps) AHMMMMM ok!!!! really? thats just stupid i'm sorry.

He has done a lot that I can't even get into. He grades people based on his initial perception of you! He doesn't even try to see potentials in people, only after you challenge him about your grade.

I have two weeks in this class, and I will be done! Worst part of this is that it is a capstone class! and he is determined to fail all the black people.
Hmmmm my biased prof.!

hmmmm my friends put me in your prayers, until then.



Maxine said...

kai, what's with him? can't stand ppl like that!...and here I was thinking Canadians were the bom-diggity!...hehe..someone always messes up the flow! Glad you got to post somthing!

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

My dear, thats wat i thot 2! but apparently this Canadians can be shaddy! i hope to post some more up soon!