Its done, its finished, I did it!!!

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I sat on the couch today feeling a little bit gloomy
reminiscing about statements like “how do we describe Amina after she gets rid of the gap tooth?”
or the name my impish little sister instilled upon me - “Betty”! argh wicked yea?
But, I got my braces taken out today after thirteen months of excruciating pain and style crumpling! ☺

It felt strange but good at the same time
I was overly excited to see what I would look like
To see how my looks would be transformed
Ermm, I still look the same ☺ slightly different without the gaps ☺

I could not stop smiling
I could not stop starring at the mirror
I could not stop thinking and saying “thank you God, I am done”

In retrospect, I am elated to have gone through this “procedure”.
And I am glad I took that bold step at that (young ☺) age to do it
A lot of people could not believe I (diva) would do it. (hehehe)
It is now finished!

Good bye claws, Bienvenidos Bonita ☺

P.S its not a gross picture I hope? ☺