“Yo Bailo” (I dance)

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He asked me to dance
I wanted to, but I said no
He took 3 steps back and 3 steps forward
Then asked me again if I would like to dance
In my shyness and awkwardness of his beauty
I wanted to, but I said no

The music so beautiful
The texture and pattern made me shiver
Ask again! I want to dance! he seems to quiver
He Looked a tad embarrassed scared of rejection

What do I do... Lesson learned...

I once loved, Love came, but I was blind
Love came a second, but I remained blind
Now I love once again, but love is a far
Unreachable... Unattainable,
How will love know I’m ready to love?
Should I say? Should I watch? Should I be patient?

Indispensably, Dance at the genesis...



Anonymous said...

Oh damn. Now dat was good! U amaze me all d time! so full of surprises. there is really no time for fronting. the more we front, the right one will walk past us! lets sleep wit our eyes open!

beautiful piece

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