Forever!My Friend, My Sister


WOW! Its been over a year since I blogged!
What are my good reasons? None ☺
I give credits to Mr Procrastination and his partner -> laziness!
So I have decided to blog since I am on vacation, and have been sleeping all day!

A lot has happened in between. New relationships started and ended
Past relationships got ignited and going strong now ☺
That would probably be one of the reasons for my sudden disappearance
…I confess

My plan was to blog about post NYSC. But exactly a day after my passing out
I got one of those calls I always dreaded. “Amina! Where are u?” I responded "at the airport, headed to Lagos." Then the caller said, “Something has happened, its not good. Its Hadiza”
I think a knife literally went through through my chest.
I didn’t know how to breath, cry, or think.

I kept asking why Hadiza! Of all people.! Why have u called my friend home lord?
Who will I talk to you? Who will console me? Who will I cry to and tell my problems to? Who will understand my relationship, and me like she did?
All this sounds selfish of me to want her all to myself
But God showed me he wanted her more.
Who am I to question God?

Its 5 months and 1 day tomorrow, I haven’t stopped thinking about you Uwa!
Our Ghana, and Dubai trip never happened! Now I am here in Dubai without you
When I visit UK, it will seem awkward!
Knowing you were suppose to be there.
I still haven’t found any replacement for you, I know i won't
I miss you, I cannot stop thinking about you.
My heart is always heavy.

This experience has taught me to not take little things that serious
Don't hold grudges, live life to the fullest and responsibly
Thats my motto

May God give your family the strength to accept this loss
Gone but NEVER EVER to be forgotten
Adieu Hadiza Uwa Aboki.


Mortified Sentiments- Jos


J-Town! I was so excited when my father asked me to represent him at a shareholders meeting in Jos. I got so hysterical, even though I knew that would put a dent on my weekend/Saturday in Abuja, I couldn’t wait to get to Jos regardless. I rocked on Friday night till 3 am, and then Saturday morning we headed out at 10am after the monthly sanitation was over.

It would have been more exciting if my Baptist High, Hill Crest and Calvinites were there sha! Good thing Tara Meeks decided to grace Hill Crest as a teacher, if not I would have seen no one.

All I really wanted to do was park and take pictures of places, places I thought would excite my dear friends from Jos, just so I make them feel home sick a lickle bit :-) but I was too busy to do that.

Everyone that flew in for the meeting couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful Jos used to be. I couldn’t add to that conversation because I knew nothing, but I could almost picture it. I have seen pictures of lovely Jos back in the days, and what I saw this time wasn’t pleasant to the eyes at all. It all just had this dusty and ashy look. Very sad!

Ás we drove out of Jos, my driver and I took it upon ourselves to count how many check-points we met on our way out of Jos (we forgot to count the ones we met inside Jos). We counted a total of 9 military check-points, with 3 police check-point. I’m pretty sure we are familiar with how these police men behave right? Yes, once they hear gunshots, they will seek a hiding place for their AK-47’s as well; that gun is pretty much an accessory for them. Very sad!

Apparently Sunday’s is when the sadists are ready to cause disturbance and bring terror to the peaceful J-Town, so we saw most cars being vigorously checked, opening of bags, etc. I wouldn’t blame this sort of action, if it will cause a reduction in crime rate, I am up for it. It’s just that it reminds me of the movie Hotel Rwanda. At this rate, what is going on in this country is probably worse than what went on n Rwanda.

Our only prayer is for things to change in this country. My suggestion (which is kind of silly) would be to outsource security if our own military and police men can’t do anything to protect us.
What are your suggestions? :-)


Post Camp (Life as a corper)


So far Camp was fantastic, made new friends don’t even know where they are right now ☺ but once again, God showed me favor throughout! I love him. Getting into camp, leaving camp and at my primary assignment; its been my God all through.

God used someone who is special to me now to put me through and help ease the usual pain at camp, starting from registration up on till the very last day. He helped me with securing a better accommodation arrangement, and with getting the best out of the camp experience.

I made a new friend, she has a big heart and I love her. She was my partner in crime at camp! We actually got thrown into camp jail together! But now I don’t even get to see her- everyone has moved on with new friends. Funny how close we got within a few days.

Now, I find myself at NNPC doing my primary assignment. All I can say is God is good. We all know how corpers are being treated right? All we do is dispatch and run errands for some retarded f*^ks ☺. I wont say it was just a coincidence, I would continue to call this “Favor”, because that’s what it is. Some how I am finally doing ‘Actual work’. It feels very good and I feel blessed for that.

So far so good, except for the irritable secretary that acts like she hasn’t been getting any, and ends up pouring all her frustration on VISITORS! Yes you heard right! Visitors! People don’t understand that you might and will need that person to help you out at some point in life! “Be nice to everyone you encounter” has been my motto.

Nigeria is so backwards in the aspect of business manners and how to communicate in an office environment- customer service in general. With that being said, something has and will be done. Watch this space………

About the men ☺ ☺ ☺ I know! I am a magnet! Lol lol! Don’t mind my confidence. I was able to make a decision, and pray I made the right decision. Shall see where and how that goes. But what is up with cute guys thinking they can just stand back and relax? That puts me off I swear! But I love my confident Naija men! They have the right amount of balls to approach whoever and however.

Working at NNPC can be annoying because those married men really think its okay to ask for my phone number. Now I just tell them I don’t give my number out, instead of giving them my Glo line that is currently switched off ☺

Ok that’s the update for now, will be back with some more soon!


Here and Now: Naija Mode


Everyone experiences something different or unique wherever they go…
For some people it is described as fantastic, some say its “just pleasant”, while some describe it as dreadful.

Well! Mine has been a mix of it all! Isn’t that life? uh huh. But thank goodness most of it has been fantastic!!!
My fears were actually nothing to worry about when I got home. So far it has been fantastic
The things I lost from being away from home have now been multiplied just by being back! God alone has been awesome indeed.

I haven’t blogged for far too long because I have been jetlagged! I do apologize :-) ok maybe not! I have just been traveling around the country trying to catch some fun before serious business begins.

So! How has it been in Nigeria? Let me summarize my escapades through these words:
• I have made a few new friends, and it’s been awesome. I Hangout at a place called Jb’s Grill in Maitama Abuja. Love the atmosphere. Thursday nights is BYOB at Play night club, its fun fun no doubt!
• Night life…whoa! Exhausting! From bar to bar! I think I have rocked in 1 month enough that will sustain me for 2 years. Now I hang up my jersey! Game ova.
• It feels like everyone in Nigeria smokes! Including our distinguished ladies. They call it “social smoking” indeed! I hate the clubs because of the smoking. I hope they set laws soon that will remedy the situation!
• Initially I struggled with a decision to settle in Lagos or Abuja, after my second visit to Lagos I made up my mind to keep my behind in peaceful and safe Abuja :-)(Sorry Lagosians!) Regardless of all the endless fun there is in Lagos!
• As we all know, customer service here is WACK! It is really bad. Sometimes I get scared talking to bank representatives just to avoid being shut down. Something needs to be done in that aspect. Maybe I should provide some kinda customer service training right? Right
• Traffic! Damn! Crazy and reckless drivers. People changing lanes like they own the road without showing signals! Lack of patience!

• What really scares me in Naija are the police men at checkpoints. They make the country look like a war turn area! We are not in Sudan. I know it’s for protection to minimize robbery, but I know when robbers come their way they will drop that AK-47 and take off!
• I thought I’d miss the malls! (Well, maybe a little) but thank goodness I have been blessed with a fashion designer and close friend! All I wear now are haute couture designed by Unikutelle. Priceless!
• I really miss shopping at the Mango store in Virginia, but thank God I have been able to munch on the actual Mango fruit!:)

NYSC is next month. I dread every bit of it, but I am sure it will be a blast! Registration was not hard at all! I will HOPEFULLY be back on Blogspot in a month with my experience at the camp (if I stay at camp, that is). Until then! :)


"Activated Closet Prayers"


If you are like me, you might have had this problem or asked yourself this question: “How do I pray? I don’t even know where or how to Start!” Now, if this is you, the writer, Norman Peale came up with a solution that I’d love to share.

I share this because the Bible has told us to pray without ceasing. Some of us do not understand what that means, and how to even go about it. We do put in effort to start, but get stuck along the way.

Prayers to me is not structured. Its actually very simple- just talk to God in the simplest words you have, and he is right next to you listening; its like stepping into a closet, and shorting the door behind you.

For starters, following this steps I believe will help everyone polish their prayer lives, and teach other ways of structuring our prayers in order for it to be effective. Every prayer is effective? No, I don’t believe so. If you do not have any connection with God, sorry boo, you prayer hits the ceiling and bounces right back on your laps. Sometimes it doesn’t bounce, it just drops ☺

Well put a switch into it by trying this:

10 rules for getting effective results from prayer:
1. Set aside few minutes every day. Do not say anything. Simply practice thinking about God. This will make your mind spiritually receptive.
2. Then pray orally, using simple, natural words. Tell God anything that is on your mind. Do not think you must use stereotyped pious phrases. Talk to God in your own language. He understands it.
3. Pray as you go about the business of the day, on the subway or bus or at your desk. Utilize minute prayers by closing your eyes to shut out the world and concentrating briefly on Gods presence. The more you do this every day, the nearer you will feel God’s presence.
4. Do not always ask when you pray, but instead affirm that Gods blessings are being given, and spend most of your prayers giving thanks.
5. Pray with the belief that sincere prayers can reach out and surround your loved ones with God’s love and protection.
6. Never use a negative thought in prayer. Only positive thoughts get results.
7. Always express willingness to accept God’s will. Ask for what you want, but be willing to take what God gives you. It may be better than what you ask for.
8. Practice the attitude of putting everything in God’s hands. Ask for the ability to do your best and to leave the results confidently to God.
9. Pray for people you do not like or who have mistreated you. Resentment is blockage number one of spiritual power.
10. Make a list of people for whom to pray. The more you pray for other people, especially those not connected with you, the more prayer results will come back to you.

Remain Blessed ☺


D Anatomy of an Aeroplane "LIFT"- Adieu


As moments to my departure approach, hmmmm I feel quiet nervous & anxious- Could I be scared of what is in stock for me? I BETTER Not.

Its strange I feel this way considering I’m returning to somewhere I call “my home”! Oh! My home sweet home!
I panic because of the situation of things in Nigeria, but like a tortoise I actually believe we will get there…
The day I purchased my ticket, I let out a loud scream in my bedroom! Now I’m not sure if that was a sign of relief, or a "I'm freaking out" scream!
What I know for a fact is that I will miss a lot of things here in the states

Here is my own version of Neyo’s “Part of the list” --Top 7:

- "Oh! The Electricity is still on?" Yep! 24/7 baby! Not in Naija unfortunately!
- Not having to look left and right when I get home at night
- Running to the mall! Especially Marshals & TJ Maxx looking for good deals!
- My church, The people, the events, my DMV crew argh!!!!
- Jumping into the shower and having warm water running without having to play with the water heater switch!
- Awww my WINTER BOOTS!!! ☹
- And of course! ICE COFFEE! Oh LAWD!!! Starbucks better make waves in Naija.

To think I am retuning home and leaving behind four of my siblings makes it harder! Yes I have one more in Naija! He is my rock, by the way!
I can foresee arguments with my folks about what time to be home! Arghh Sigh*** Despite all these anxiety, I can’t wait!
God made this decision for me, and I know he isn’t setting me for failure! Hence, my excitement remains unmoved.

As Mr. A.L Yakubu (aka Father) said, “there is nothing to be nervous about, especially for a better move”. I hold on to that statement and to my faith because I believe God will NEVER expose me to what he thinks I am not ready for.

Most people see my move as a mistake, but here is what I know.
Like Myles Munroe said, an airplane gets to a certain speed that it lifts off of the ground because there is NO WAY in this world that it can remain on the floor, I liken that to my life! Because I have listened and obeyed God, he will fulfill his purpose in me! He will not forsake the “product” he created. Once I am locked into Gods purpose, that “LIFT” is irrefutable.
By his footstool I sit, and when I glance at him I get strength for the journey to take me through.

I bade you all Adieu! Peace ☺


Positive Thoughts


Many weeks later after my last post
Working on getting over my grieve after losing a close friend
I found many ways to understand why things happen
Many ways to fill pain with happiness
I remembered the words that say God will not give you want you can’t handle
The lord takes and gives
He has reasons why he does the things he does
After all he is our creator, he is the architect of our lives
What more do we need?

Everyone has a specific way to get over pain or disappointments
One of many ways I discovered was listening to my local radio station

Every morning of listening to the station
They give out a lot of positive thoughts quotes
I quickly jot down and reflect on all the thoughts I come across throughout the morning
I felt it in my heart to share these words…and I pray it is a blessing to you

Here you go:
• One of the most basic core values is honesty.
• The height of your accomplishment will equal the depth of your establishment.
• One of the secrets of life is to make stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.
• Courage is being afraid but goes on anyway.
• If there is no faith, there will be no living in this world.
• We have to have a dream to make a dream come true.
• Laughter gives us distance, it helps us step back from an event and laugh or reflect.
• Life is a privilege and it offers us to do something more, by giving back.
• The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.
• Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.
• The mind is like a parachute; it doesn't work until its open.
• The person who walks in another person’s tracks leaves no footprints.
• He who answers before listening, that is his folly and his shame.
• One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys.
• The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out.
• A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.
• A marriage might be made in heaven, but the maintenance must be done on earth.
• A minute of talk is more than an hour of talk.
I pray these words add to you, rather than take from you.
I hope you reflect on this! And I hope it means something