"SET IT OFF" Movie on Route 1?

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On 10/16/2009 I left home all dressed up looking cute :-), heading to Starbucks for another round of studying after dropping off this six-year-old girl I had offered to take home. Prior to getting to Starbucks, somehow I found myself taking this back road (Route 1North) in Maryland, trying to cut-thru all the slow traffic that resulted from this unending rain. Unfortunately, this traffic was on a mission to get me angry.

At approximately 4pm (EST) still driving, I noticed three cop cars swift past at the same time, which meant I had to stop for them to pass (very annoying by the way). In my head (most times talking to myself) I made the “WTF” comment, and gently said “whatever is going on or whatever accident they are rushing to, should not be on this road o!” If that was the case, my journey was for sure gonna be longer and I didn’t want that. 10 more minutes in this congestion I was gonna scream, immediately it began moving.

5 minutes into this moving traffic, (which is 20mins after the three cop cars passed) this time the cop cars flew past me like they were coming for me. About 7 of them came speeding down the road. I was still saying “no!!!! This accident shouldn’t be on this road.”

As soon as they passed me, just say 300ft in front of me as I decided to continue driving they pulled right in front of me, and almost at the same time they flew out of their cars and pointed their guns towards the same direction. OMG! My heart sank! At this point I didn’t know what the heck to do.

Should I duck? Should I park my car? Should I speed up? I did not want to be a witness to ANOTHER shooting! I wasn’t ready to watch someone die AGAIN. It took me many years to erase the first one, and this wasn’t gonna happen again. I was terrified by the thoughts of stray bullets at this time.
What if the cops mistakenly turned my direction and started shooting? I knew I didn’t want to park and wait; I wanted to be out of that setting one-way or the other.

The opposite side of the lane was blocked. Cars couldn’t move at this point. The car in front of me was driving slow!!!!! I literally smashed my gas I took off! At this point my heart was in my mouth! A stray bullet? Na not me!! I was not about to be a victim, plus there was someone’s kid peacefully napping in my back seat. Driving off meant passing right in front of this shoot out, but as I quickly did, I still had the time to glance to my left to see who they were trying to kill or shoot ☺.
What I saw was a Malibu parked facing my direction, doors open, tires already down, Oh God I hit that gas without thinking twice! This just reminded me of the movie set-it off! I didn’t want to be a part of it anyway. What if the victim shot back right when I passed? God! Thank you was all I said.

Sigh, before the thoughts of blinking your eyes come to mind, your life can end that moment. God knows when its time, and he sure knew it wasn’t mine! He neva finish! I am just thankful, because it can be a different story- but it isn’t.