"These are a few of my favorite things!" :-)

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Driving to work I prayed to God not to put a slow driver in front of me that would make me sin. I curse all the time when someone is doing 15 on a 45, especially during rush hour. Oh yea, so God decided to bless me by not answering my prayer ☺

It became clear to me that this happens to be one of my biggest pet peeve…I began to think about other peeves that I probably might have that really don't make sense, but yet gets me.

I began to think about a lot of things, and why does it even bug me! Oh well, I realize I have a lot of things that irritate me, below are only a few of them I wanted to share. Maybe you feel my pain

• Ok so procrastination crawls my skin. Why do you leave things at the last minute? Yes, a lot of us procrastinate, but some people are so extreme. I have a friend who kept procrastinating until he got stuck and could not find a new house, until a day after he was evicted from his apartment complex. “Last minute stunt”!

• African men that say “I can only date white women” bitch! Look at your skin! And remember your mama and sisters are black. Tshewwww! Lol

• When friends tend to be indecisive! That throws me off! Oh, most especially when the guys just don’t know what they want! Please make up your mind! Don’t get me stuck because dude cannot decide what to do. I like to be organized, and have my s*** together, planned!

• The biggest one, when I am done cooking, and someone wants to taste the food. Instead of getting a plate and spoon, they eat directly from the cooking pot, and attempt to put the spoon right back into the pot! I don’t know about you, but gosh! I have tried to see it as normal, but there is no way it can be normal.

• Not washing your dishes after eating, especially if the sink is clearly sparkling!!! Please endeavor to respect people’s environment.

• In college I some white friends…I had these friends not because they liked me, but at some point they had to pretend they did so that they could get close to the cute (I never thought they were cute) African or Nigerian guy that refers to me as “my sister”. Once they get him, they stop being my friend. ☹

• A guy that does not know how to express himself over the phone, but only when he gets on a chat or text, then you hear how much he wants to be with you, and how much he wants to make me happy. Emmmm, dude please call my phone and be a man. Tell me what’s up over the phone, no time for games dude!

• Hmmm, the skittles piñata ad! Please who feels me on this one? The advertisement that has the guy that his suit is made out of a piñata, gives me the itch! uhhh ! It gives me bumps!

• When you are done doing dishes, then someone swings by and drops a butter knife without thinking that maybe it can be rinsed? Yea! Maybe it can! Just try it!

So yea!!! These are a list of my favorite things! :-) No not really! Just thought I’d share ☺ More to come!


Anonymous said...

Love dis gosh I cnt stand procastination! And that foto just gave me bumbsssd LOL

Maxine said...

haha... u joker! Oh and I am a little obsessive about puctuation especially when people don't ever punctuate their sentences! Grr... and using "live" and "leave" interchangeably makes my skin crawl...lol

Anonymous said...

LOL Amina Amina! is dis how u hate us white pple? lol. kidding! i feel u. its kinda true though! lol

Grace said...

leave the poor guy, maybe he feels intimated on the phone which is why he rather flow his vibes via texts......hehehehe

Oh and that driving 15 on a 40 makes me wanna SCREEEEEEAAAAAAAM!!!!!

@ Maxine, dang gal......lol

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

lol! Max Punctuation!? thats serious! lol!
@Anony: sorry to hurt ur feelings...im glad u feel me though! :-)

@ Grace:emmm well, maybe i sld...but it will be hard cos i am used to face to face. e go hard!!!

Maxine said...

Hmm, the punctuation thing is serious oo but I love using exclamation points! Without punctuation, it is difficult to understand a sentence!...lol

ChinMan said...

Lol...Was this supposed to be one of your favorite things or some of your frustrating things. Most of them make sense though...but you know that all human beings are not perfect, that is why God allows that our imperfections will be perfected by other people's strengths or His Grace. Not trying to undermine your statement but just a tit for tat, that maybe God put you around procastinators so your Organized and Planned Nature would hopefully rub off on them and maybe whatever strengths your friends have would rub off on any weaknesses or imperfections you have. With regards to the White people not liking you...How could they not like Amina, haba, they must have been faking...lol. Nice post.

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

LOL! Right Chinedu! they like me very well! lol!
But em, i pray God won't put a procastinator nxt to me o! i am impatient when it comes to that o!