Always True... :-)

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Excited rush to be within your reach, it has its own way of making me flush

Like water flowing in the stream, my heart flows loud with love extreme

You sustain me at my level of awareness, you are able to stabilize my conscious

You are cognizant of my limit, & yet you give me a chance to experiment

You showed me light, you showed me what’s right

In every desert of trials, you certainly have an oasis of comfort

That is why in everything, I give thanks!

Because there is a reason for every disappointment.

And you stay true all the time!


Anonymous said...

There is indeed a reason for every disappointment... the best part to all disappointments is when the NEW blessings, graces your sorrows with more joy than u can ever expected, a joy that surpasses the joy that would have been granted from ur initial disappointment...

Once there is LIFE, there is HOPE//

Maxine said...

This reminds me of the song "Wrap me in Your arms"...:)

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

never heard the song o! for real? pls send me the lyrics!!!

Maxine said...

u know i will! hehe...it just paints that whole picture of being well taken care of by God:)