The Genie in Mee

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Ok, so i have some more to share from Dr Anthony's book. It is so good I can't resist sharing with you all :-)...Learning from past experience is important for developing total self-confidence. That is because we are able to recognize and resolve our mistakes the best way we can, and avoid repeating it.

Also, total self-confidence can be built by releasing our unlimited potential through the power of our mind. The author asserts that there is a power within that can bring forth anything we picture. He calls it the Universal Mind or Creative Intelligence. He often refers to the creative intelligence as the “I AM”. When you think of how easy it is to talk to God he makes things clearer for you, and you tap into unlimited potentials, etc, again he says this is a Universal Mind Ok, I guess if we see this a different way, it might make some sense and similarity to discernment of the spirit.

He is saying there are forces in the universe that attracts or that magnetize our wants. Therefore, this magnet in the universe would attract what we desire or want in our subconscious. This whole thing gets pretty technical.

Basically, the law of mental magnetism states that what you really want or desire will be yours, as long as you give dominant attention to it. Desire is the seed of fulfillment. Whatever desires you have, has the mechanism to become a reality. Why? Because desires become imprinted in your subconscious! If you have the desire to be creative, it implies that you definitely have the means to achieve fulfillment.

After being aware of our subconscious mind, we need not forget that it works for and against us, depending on what we feed it! Depending on what it senses and records based on our physical, intellectual, mental, and emotional experiences.

Let me not forget to share with you how to program the genie inside you. Our
subconscious responds to three things:

1- Verbalizing. We already know this. From my previous blog we know the power of our tongue or words. What we say to ourselves determines everything we do. We use words to program ourselves without realizing it. Words as little as “ I don’t have patience, I’m not perfect, I can’t lose weight, I don’t like my job, I have a poor memory, ” etc. we need to program our mind with positive affirmations. We need to repeat them over and over again until our subconscious accepts them as reality. There is no room for switching back and forth, because it will confuse the subconscious. Yes it would!

2- Feeling and Emotion: the subconscious responds to these two things more than anything else. Our emotion is the carrier of creativity. We don’t have room to slow down our creativity thereby slowing down our reality. So we need to keep our emotions in check. By speaking aloud or listening to music, and using repetition to impress an idea in our subconscious, will help impress the information quickly, esp from negative to positive emotions.

3- Visualization: this is key because being visual and imaginative empowers our
mind. Our subconscious responds to images and pictures. The Author points that we have the power to mentally create a new life for ourselves. We should practice putting down whatever we visualize or imagine on a scrapbook. Everyday look at it so that the picture holds in our mind, and let them sink in. Since it is true that what we visualize we will be because of how the subconscious works and the power within, then we all should endeavor to do this exercise. We should picture our future vividly in order to feed our subconscious properly.

The subconscious power and conscious (hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, & seeing) act differently. A lot of times our conscious will try to downplay the subconscious power, but this is where faith comes in play. The author was not biblical, but most of what he said I could tie to the bible. Faith is key. If we believe what we have put down in the scrapbook as already ours, we need to be excited and believe it is. The conscious will constantly fight against the subconscious telling us we are thinking beyond reality. But our faith will overcome that. We ought to be strong and not accept that. We should trust our subconscious more than our conscious because our conscious is only limited to five senses.

With all of this, we need to act like we already have what we pictured, start giving thanks to GOD! By doing that, we acknowledge that what we want is on its way.



Maxine said...

Interesting...what if what you want is not what you need? or what you want is not in the plan God has for you? Often times we make our plans and ask God to bless it instead of asking for His will to be done in our lives... just a thought too.

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

Now this book is very scientific! while reading it I applied my Biblical sense into it. I feel like what we envision for ourselves, will work in our favor as long as it is reasonable in the eyes of God.

Now, a want is something u wld love to have, a need is something you have to have...our subconscious tells us what we Need not what we want (conscious)... that is where they start to clash and we need to forcefully fight back our conscious from interrupting with the subconscious power. To me, this is all scientific...i wld just say he is talking about having faith and trusting God...that is what will get us to reach our goal in life!

Maxine said...

Oh ok, I get your point. So if I want something really bad, even if it may not be necessarily right for me, as long as I have faith I could have it?...lol...just playing the devil's advocate here...but answer me jorr!

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

lol! absolutely! it is wat u tell ur mind that will come forth. So if u want something bad, and u feed ur subconscious with that picture, it will come to past.

Your subconscious works for and against you. it is what u feed it via your conscious, that it reacts to... I remember closing my eyes and praying to God for something i knew was not good for me, oh! hw answered my prayers! lol! he didnt say, "No its not good for you" he wanted me to learn! and yes I did learn! lol!

So i wld say that Faith is the same as wat the author calls the Creative Mind or Intelligence from my point of view..

Grace said...

Hmm okay so playing the devil's advocate, does this mean we have the power to will what we want into reality? it sounds like playing god to me....I believe in faith, believing in what we ask for, and letting God bring it to past as he deems fit, but this willing our thought to reality seems hmmmm...maybe i am not reading it right.

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

in response to "does this mean we have the power to will what we want into reality?" well some how yes. what we think is what we get/attract. It all has to do with faith and believe. if we dont have any of these then we definitely can't think positive and attract positive. So yea, u r not reading it right! Cos u hv to make ur thoughts positive and steer it twds a positive direction for anything u want to come true.