Mortified Sentiments- Jos

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J-Town! I was so excited when my father asked me to represent him at a shareholders meeting in Jos. I got so hysterical, even though I knew that would put a dent on my weekend/Saturday in Abuja, I couldn’t wait to get to Jos regardless. I rocked on Friday night till 3 am, and then Saturday morning we headed out at 10am after the monthly sanitation was over.

It would have been more exciting if my Baptist High, Hill Crest and Calvinites were there sha! Good thing Tara Meeks decided to grace Hill Crest as a teacher, if not I would have seen no one.

All I really wanted to do was park and take pictures of places, places I thought would excite my dear friends from Jos, just so I make them feel home sick a lickle bit :-) but I was too busy to do that.

Everyone that flew in for the meeting couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful Jos used to be. I couldn’t add to that conversation because I knew nothing, but I could almost picture it. I have seen pictures of lovely Jos back in the days, and what I saw this time wasn’t pleasant to the eyes at all. It all just had this dusty and ashy look. Very sad!

Ás we drove out of Jos, my driver and I took it upon ourselves to count how many check-points we met on our way out of Jos (we forgot to count the ones we met inside Jos). We counted a total of 9 military check-points, with 3 police check-point. I’m pretty sure we are familiar with how these police men behave right? Yes, once they hear gunshots, they will seek a hiding place for their AK-47’s as well; that gun is pretty much an accessory for them. Very sad!

Apparently Sunday’s is when the sadists are ready to cause disturbance and bring terror to the peaceful J-Town, so we saw most cars being vigorously checked, opening of bags, etc. I wouldn’t blame this sort of action, if it will cause a reduction in crime rate, I am up for it. It’s just that it reminds me of the movie Hotel Rwanda. At this rate, what is going on in this country is probably worse than what went on n Rwanda.

Our only prayer is for things to change in this country. My suggestion (which is kind of silly) would be to outsource security if our own military and police men can’t do anything to protect us.
What are your suggestions? :-)


@ilola said...

Amina wasup? long time. I neva knew u were into the blog thing. I'l definitely follow you.deo

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

Ahhhh u didnt know!!!??? I have been following you since last year:-( lol! Follow Back!

Abubakar said...

I passed through Jos on a recent trip to Gombe. That was near two months ago so I got to see the derelict situation the town was in first hand. A town famous for its lush pastures and peopled with the happiest Nigerians now lay prostrated with fear, poverty and bitterness.

The checkpoints were never ending and a cause for consternation given the brutal history of the town in our recent past. Sad.

But lady, it would be too much to compare it with Rwanda's racial purge. The pogrom in Rwanda left more that five million people dead and that genocide is comparable to the Nazi purge of the Jews. Although the circumstances here bear a remarkable resemblance of the genocide in Rwanda, the scale of deaths there was beyond imagination. And, it is, in fact, possible for the Jos crisis to escalate to such proportions if the proper security measures are not taken.

I understand your apprehension but I believe this matter can be handled by our security operatives and am sure the resurgence of violence will be limited to a few skirmishes here and there. It is instructive however to note that the U.N was blamed for not acting on time during the Rwanda incident and after an apology, pledge to never let such genocides occur again.

Myne Whitman said...

Abubakar has said what came to mind. It's unfortunate what happened to once peaceful and beautiful Jos, and I hope it soon clears up sha.

Maxine said...

Man, that's kind of sad! I always heard beautiful things about Jos and wished to visit someday. At this rate that might be out of the question altogether :)