Here and Now: Naija Mode

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Everyone experiences something different or unique wherever they go…
For some people it is described as fantastic, some say its “just pleasant”, while some describe it as dreadful.

Well! Mine has been a mix of it all! Isn’t that life? uh huh. But thank goodness most of it has been fantastic!!!
My fears were actually nothing to worry about when I got home. So far it has been fantastic
The things I lost from being away from home have now been multiplied just by being back! God alone has been awesome indeed.

I haven’t blogged for far too long because I have been jetlagged! I do apologize :-) ok maybe not! I have just been traveling around the country trying to catch some fun before serious business begins.

So! How has it been in Nigeria? Let me summarize my escapades through these words:
• I have made a few new friends, and it’s been awesome. I Hangout at a place called Jb’s Grill in Maitama Abuja. Love the atmosphere. Thursday nights is BYOB at Play night club, its fun fun no doubt!
• Night life…whoa! Exhausting! From bar to bar! I think I have rocked in 1 month enough that will sustain me for 2 years. Now I hang up my jersey! Game ova.
• It feels like everyone in Nigeria smokes! Including our distinguished ladies. They call it “social smoking” indeed! I hate the clubs because of the smoking. I hope they set laws soon that will remedy the situation!
• Initially I struggled with a decision to settle in Lagos or Abuja, after my second visit to Lagos I made up my mind to keep my behind in peaceful and safe Abuja :-)(Sorry Lagosians!) Regardless of all the endless fun there is in Lagos!
• As we all know, customer service here is WACK! It is really bad. Sometimes I get scared talking to bank representatives just to avoid being shut down. Something needs to be done in that aspect. Maybe I should provide some kinda customer service training right? Right
• Traffic! Damn! Crazy and reckless drivers. People changing lanes like they own the road without showing signals! Lack of patience!

• What really scares me in Naija are the police men at checkpoints. They make the country look like a war turn area! We are not in Sudan. I know it’s for protection to minimize robbery, but I know when robbers come their way they will drop that AK-47 and take off!
• I thought I’d miss the malls! (Well, maybe a little) but thank goodness I have been blessed with a fashion designer and close friend! All I wear now are haute couture designed by Unikutelle. Priceless!
• I really miss shopping at the Mango store in Virginia, but thank God I have been able to munch on the actual Mango fruit!:)

NYSC is next month. I dread every bit of it, but I am sure it will be a blast! Registration was not hard at all! I will HOPEFULLY be back on Blogspot in a month with my experience at the camp (if I stay at camp, that is). Until then! :)


Maxine said...

uh oh! Isn't NYSC like boot camp? hehehe... haute couture huh? i want some! They have Mango in VA? Never knew! Love Mango and Zara! Glad you are having fantastic experiences. Proud of you!

Myne Whitman said...

Yu are doing good girl and this makes me miss home, lol. Take care and all the best at NYSC.

Alheri said...

ma dear enjoy camp..pls dont run away so dat u will have wonderful stories to tell...lol...all the best though....

Jennifer Ehidiamen said...

Re: Customer service. YES! We definitely need some sort of re-orientation in that area.

Good luck with your NYSC! God Bless :)

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

@Maxine: lol! it is boot camp! so i ma try to run away!Yes we have Mango and Zara in the DMV area! when u travel check them out! miss them!
@Myne: Yea u sld miss home! home is fun! fun! fun! when next you come thru do let me know!
@Alheri: do u want to take my place? lmao! i will think abt it! maybe 4 days in camp :-)
@Jennifer: maybe we should try and do sth!? loL! thanks a lot dear!

Annette said...

Ok so I stumbled over your blog:) I enjoyed reading it. And I'm glad you're having a good time in between the chaos. That's what makes Nigeria, Nigeria. Gotta love it! I can't wait to visit!!!

P.S. "Social Smoking" NOT sexy!

unikutelle said...

hmmmm intrestin' c?comin home wsnt so bad.keep bloggin,i see som talent.lol!the"UNIKUTELLE"comin thru...awwwwwwww...dats sweet about me!

Grace said...

Man it is really time to hang the party Jersey, you have partied too hard!!! time for serious buziness eh....hmmm get ready to get your ass kicked in NYSC, i hear it is even worse than being in boarding school....pretty harsh comditions, but i am sure you can handle it.

As for Naija babes and this nonesense "social smoking" someone needs to tell them that there is nothing sexy about that, it is So STUPID!!! ignorance i guess.

Anyways we miss you down here....the house is quite boring now, and i just tend to go out more these days. Need to keep my behind at home!

Mirabelle said...

LOL....love this ..."now chopping the actual Mango"...nice one......hmmm might be joining u soon...thank God u are there so when i get in, u'll be my GPS :) ......AWWWWW miss u though :(

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

@Annette: thanks hun! Social Smoking is definitely not sexy! So when u come, dont forget to tell me o!
@Uni: talent it is o! started from boredom! so keep hooking a sister up with you designs!!! :-)
@Grace: Awww miss u all 2! ya go out more, but not to Tysons corner sha! hehe! yea i heard it is worse than boarding school! not lookin fwd to that o! I have been parting as if I am visiting! i need to realize i am here to stay and just calm it down! phew!!!
@Okwy: Yea baby! i can be ur GPS no doubt!!! am sure u miss the real mango??? hehehe!! Miss u!!!

Ama said...

Hey Amina,I just stumbled across your blog on Gracie's wall:) I'm glad you are having a blast out there. Talk about reverse culture shock!Lol..... Keep your experiences coming. All the best girlfriend, God bless....

Anonymous said...

M happy your having fun and experiencing al these things.. who knows, I MIGHT BE JOINING YOU PWETTY SOON :~).... enjoy NYSC! get to know more ppl and yes gurl it is time to put ya ass down! kin ga ne::) hihihihihiiii ow Tell miss UNI she should get ready for me...

Blaze for God (IYEN)

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

@Ama: thankshun! i am having a lovely time here we thank God!
@Blaze: yea sis, u sld com back amd oin in te fun o! yes said i wld hang my jersey, but it didnt quiet wrk out he way i tot! :-( ythis weekend was maaaddddd lmao