D Anatomy of an Aeroplane "LIFT"- Adieu

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As moments to my departure approach, hmmmm I feel quiet nervous & anxious- Could I be scared of what is in stock for me? I BETTER Not.

Its strange I feel this way considering I’m returning to somewhere I call “my home”! Oh! My home sweet home!
I panic because of the situation of things in Nigeria, but like a tortoise I actually believe we will get there…
The day I purchased my ticket, I let out a loud scream in my bedroom! Now I’m not sure if that was a sign of relief, or a "I'm freaking out" scream!
What I know for a fact is that I will miss a lot of things here in the states

Here is my own version of Neyo’s “Part of the list” --Top 7:

- "Oh! The Electricity is still on?" Yep! 24/7 baby! Not in Naija unfortunately!
- Not having to look left and right when I get home at night
- Running to the mall! Especially Marshals & TJ Maxx looking for good deals!
- My church, The people, the events, my DMV crew argh!!!!
- Jumping into the shower and having warm water running without having to play with the water heater switch!
- Awww my WINTER BOOTS!!! ☹
- And of course! ICE COFFEE! Oh LAWD!!! Starbucks better make waves in Naija.

To think I am retuning home and leaving behind four of my siblings makes it harder! Yes I have one more in Naija! He is my rock, by the way!
I can foresee arguments with my folks about what time to be home! Arghh Sigh*** Despite all these anxiety, I can’t wait!
God made this decision for me, and I know he isn’t setting me for failure! Hence, my excitement remains unmoved.

As Mr. A.L Yakubu (aka Father) said, “there is nothing to be nervous about, especially for a better move”. I hold on to that statement and to my faith because I believe God will NEVER expose me to what he thinks I am not ready for.

Most people see my move as a mistake, but here is what I know.
Like Myles Munroe said, an airplane gets to a certain speed that it lifts off of the ground because there is NO WAY in this world that it can remain on the floor, I liken that to my life! Because I have listened and obeyed God, he will fulfill his purpose in me! He will not forsake the “product” he created. Once I am locked into Gods purpose, that “LIFT” is irrefutable.
By his footstool I sit, and when I glance at him I get strength for the journey to take me through.

I bade you all Adieu! Peace ☺


Bukkie (MET) said...

awww..... amina! well written dear, and trust me, i sure understand the way you feel.

i am certain THE BEST awaits you in naija - Insha Allah!

Alheri said...

my dear..i remember those ABU times....i keep tellin maself dat naija will always be ma home no matter where i go..safe journey gal..and may God be with you..all dda best ...

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

@Bukkie: thanks my dear! I look fwd to it, and definitely believe God is d reason for everything. Thanks for the encouragement and I look fwd to seeing u when u come to Naija
@Alheri: Naija is definitely our home o! that line "No place like home" is for real! See u soon...Come back home o! lol

Maxine said...

Aww, Mina-J, you actually brought a tiny tear drop to my eyes! Love you much girl! And it has been a blessing knowing you. Don't be a stranger ooo. I hope to come visit you in Naija someday!
Oh and Miles Munroe was part of the reason why I decided to study in the States! I read one book of his and the decision was made! Take care ma love! Hugs

Grace Yaks said...

Well said....So you know that even here you still have to look left and right at night, cos there are some crazy peeps back in this country man...as per Starbucks...hey there's an idea for a new business, Starbucks Franchise baby!!!!

I know this new move is scary....really scary....having to change from the way you have been living life in the past ten years, and having to exeperience another wave of culture shock!!! At least it won't be as hard as the culture shock you experienced when you first came over the the U.S:-) But like you said, the lord created a "product" and every step of your life that he designed and directed was for a purpose, which will be fulfilled! so do not listen to negative talk, just follow God;s lead in obedience!

Trust we are going to miss you here!! i will be all alone on that house OMG i am freaking out! it is going to be so boring, and scary! I will no longer get to return home to very nicely cooked stew with goat meant or spaghetti stir fry:-( now i have to cook!!! arrrrgghhhhh lol. Hmmmm now i need to start making my own friends and stop waiting for your friends to come over so i can steal them....lol...You would truly be missed!!! But hey who knows i might be joininng you at home soon, and we can start annoying each other again!!! hehehehe....Luv yah!


Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

lol!lmao! Yep! no more coming home to food! hahahaha!I hv been a housewife for far too long! damn! im going back to continue being one! but wit a job! Hola!!!
God is good! his ways are not our ways. There is a light at the end of my tunnel! i can see it!
Bera return home and marry. :-/ lol

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

@Maxine: Are u serious he helped in ur decision for America? thats nice! Cos that man! chai! he was at my church for 3 days preaching! it was crazy! Im gonna visit him in d Bahamas soon! so that i can marry his son! lol!
WIll miss u mucho mucho grande

diza said...

Will surely miss u girl.... something u wont have to worry about once in nja... CLEANING!!!
At least no more house, room, batroom cleaning or even snow shovelling cos u can afford as many houseboy/housegirls as u want!..loooools

Myne Whitman said...

The others have said a lot. I wish you the best dear and believe you'll make it anywhere. Take care of you.

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

Hey Dizaaaaa! u r so right! I'm just gonna cross my legs and chill! LOl!
thanks Myne!!! Appreciate it!Everything will definitely go well!

racquel said...

hey girl...very well written..I wish you nothing but success dear; you are following your heart and that is important.

Wishing you all the best that life has to offer.

Love ya

Jennifer said...

Beautifully written! God be with you until we meet again Amina! God have got our best in mind... and yeah, it is not about places but purpose. Go and fulfill your destiny for God's glory!

Jennifer Ehidiamen said...

Beautifully written! God be with you until we meet again Amina! God have got our best in mind... and yeah, it is not about places but purpose. Go and fulfill your destiny for God's glory!

Jennifer Ehidiamen said...
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Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

Awwww Racqule! Im so sad I never bought that ticket to jamaica!Just knw I hv u in mind all da time! we had memorable times in Florida! I will miss u callin any time u come into the states! u been awesome! luv ya much!
Jennifer: thanks a lot dear! he definitely has the best in mind for us. After all, he has a lot of responsibility for us because we are his product!Nice meeting u! C u in naija soon

Nana said...


Can't believe I am sobbing through this blog lol why??? cos I was there before.God knows what is best for us.Make the best of everything that comes your way and be firm in your faith when the challenges arrive.

All the best and Love you!!