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I remember...
We used to drive many hours by road from Warri to Kaduna for the holidays.
Chasing around the ducks and chickens in the courtyard to make a meal.
The smell of grand ma’s kosai balls and doya (fried yams) in the mornings while waiting for morning devotion to be over so I could indulge.
Dancing in the courtyard with the drummers a day before New Years.
Cooking in a hut with firewood at grandma’s.
Fetching water from the well in the village

Technology has transformed things now. Perhaps knowledge is now available
Hmmm...Sweet Memories

I remember...
Getting grounded all the time, but still managed to get around.
Getting a sweet slap on the back because my lil bro hurt himself while under my care.
Fetching buckets of water on the head, to preserve for later use.
As a child being selective of my friends & what they should look like.
Falling in love so hard that I couldn’t get up the ground
Hmmm...Sweet Memories?

My memories became a moment of sudden revelation...
No matter who you are...
Days go by, people grow, hearts break
Choices come, decisions made, goals crack
Lets keep it stable? Lets keep it sensible? Lets keep it steady?
Naaa, change is woobly
Change is inevitable
Choices have to be made
Decisions show signs of growth

My memories has created the platform for my future
The choices I make has set the path in my present
With my ability to discern right from wrong
...The right choices will be made & my future guaranteed.

~Amina J. Yakubu~


Toks A. Huss said...

Ahhh I remember kosai! Sweet memories. Those days back home!

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

I tell u! I hv to learn how to make it!

Myne Whitman said...

Most of our memories are sweet and sour like you write but me I won't trade any of them. They make me the me I am, LOL.

I also share the memories of fetching water, akara and killing chickens..

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

lol! I tell u! memories are what has made us! no trading for any kobo.

fati said...

Are you kidding Amina/ you don't have how to make kosai? oya u need a crash course from me. I particularly miss kosai rogo. I remember sneaking to buy some on the streets of Zonkwa when you go visiting from Lagos.Thank God i didn't die of Typhoid or something.

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

walahi ba iya ba :-( this means we need to meet u soon fa! the beating part is d one i can't do! Kosai rogo! hmmm i usually get tired of eating too much of it. But i love it 2. thank God for keepin us alive and in good health despite wat we consume!

Grace said...

I really really miss the simplicity of village life, and the innocence of childhood...i remember being so carefree...oh how i long for those days now....well i guess the reality is, time cannot be reversed, and we all have to grow up at some point. That is a painfull but invevitable pill to swallow:-(

Kaduna Girl (Amina) said...

very true! maybe if the grand parents were still alive then i'd say yes, there is a possibility to relive it! hmmm sweet memories mehn!

Mirabelle said...

LOL...nice piece...but i thought akara and kosai were the same thing...lol...Amiiiina , Mina mina....i need to enroll u in hausa class....lol
U write good...we should go to a poetry cafe b4 i go to naij...what do u say? lets go share our works....
Holla back